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Welcome to C3-Software!

On June 1st 2008, C3-Software Inc. changed its name to Bytecafe Consulting, Inc. in order to narrow the focus of our business. C3-Software's core business will center on providing our clients with software solutions that increase the productivity of their workers, provide a marketing vehicle to attract more customers, and relay data to their clients faster.

Since June 1999, C3-Software, Inc. has been providing computer solutions to businesses in and around Indianapolis. Past and present clients of C3-Software include:

  • Limagrain Genetics Corp.
  • Marion County Mental Health Association
  • Child Advocates
  • Hillenbrand Mitsch Design
  • NetXcellence, Inc.
  • Covance Central Laboratories
  • DxSystems
  • Action Micro Technologies
We have worked with these companies because, as consultants, we are able to bring a broad background of experiences and skills that will help our clients achieve their goals. Our clients know their business and we know ours. Therefore, the C3-Software is hired to use its experience and skills to provide the most effective application of the tools of technology in producing superior solutions.

Our approach is to understand the goals of our client's company, put them into the context of the perceived and actual needs, and then work together to find the most effective solution the resources will allow. Our focus remains on providing our clients with the greatest return on investment.